360° Virtual Tours

Unlimited Applications

Suburban Video is now producing 360 Degree interactive Virtual Tours that allow you to see an area in its entirety – not only front to back and side to side, but also up and down. This great technology gives YOU the power to see what you want to see, for however long you want to view it, and then when you’re ready you can move on to another spot OR move to a new “room” or area.
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These tours can be viewed as a flash file on any computer via the internet and on mobile devices. They can also be sent as a link in an email. This is an ideal tool for hotels, venues, resorts, Real Estate or to showcase a corporate space or new offices and for planners and designers of events to show a space before and after the décor is completed – their clients love this product as well! The 360 Degree Virtual Tour allows new customers to visit and walk through a business or venue and actually see how the space is used as well as services that are provided. They can also click on various areas to see some live video of the space being used or an actual event taking place!

The best part of this technology is the ease for clients in producing this great product. After an initial walk through to decide what spaces and areas you want included in your tour. Suburban Video then does the rest! It takes about 15 minutes to ½ hour per room. The rest is done back in their studio! Suburban Video’s 360 Degree Virtual Tours can include many options:

  • Site map for quick navigation that will be on the tour pages.
  • Clickable links enabling viewers to go back to a webpage or anyplace else you want visitors to go.
  • Hot links to help visitors navigate multiple tour stops or “rooms”. Hot links are red arrows – when the cursor is held over them a title will pop up telling them where the arrow will take them. Press your left mouse button to “enter” that space.
  • Text Boxes with important customer info (up to 100 characters).
  • Sound option: A “voiceover” that is scripted to exactly convey the message you want visitors to receive or music of your choice that is assigned to each tour.
  • Video link option: A link to a video file can be embedded into any tour page.

How to Create a 360° Virtual Tour

Suburban Video’s Owner and Producer, Bill Bowen, walks you through the process of…

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…shooting and producing a 360 Degree Virtual Tour. He also shows you how 360 Degree Virtual Tours can be used for other purposes such as real estate, destination sites and other types of venues as well as other handy tips in creating a tour. Also featured is Steve Groeninger, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing for the National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial Fund. He speaks about the problem that NLEOMF was trying to solve and how Suburban’s 360 Degree Virtual Tours were the perfect solution!

NLE Memorial Fund’s Walking Tour

For over a decade we have filmed NLEOMF’s yearly tribute to fallen officers. This…

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… tribute includes the engraving Law Enforcement Officer’s names who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty on panels surrounding the memorial. Family and friends of these fallen heroes who are not able to make the journey to Washington, DC felt lost. This year we recommended a 360 Degree Virtual Tour of the memorial itself where viewers world-wide can virtually “walk” around the memorial, see the panels and zoom in close enough to read individual names etched into the granite. We also included a search engine that enables visitors to find a specific name. Now wherever you are, finding the name of a loved one who lost their lives serving on the “thin blue line” is a click away.

Shady Grove Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital

Have you ever felt completely lost when walking into a hospital? You are not alone…

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…The helpful staff and administration at Shady Grove Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital understand that entering a hospital and find the department you need can be a daunting task. That’s why they approached Suburban Video about creating a 360° Virtual Tour of their facilities. Now patients can visit their website ahead of time and find all the information they need. A perfect solution to a real problem.

Salamander Resort and Spa

The greatly anticipated luxurious Salamander Resort and Spa was ready for…

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…their grand opening. They wanted a way to continue the celebration and show off their gorgeous resort and outdoor views. Suburban Video was hired to create a film documenting their event and space. Suburban’s Producer recommended a one room 360 Degree Virtual Tour from their patio area to fully capture the grounds and majestic Virginia countryside. Salamander loved both the film and the tour!

The Winery at Bull Run

A new venue needed a way to showcase their facilities and enable customers to…

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…see how their space could be used for corporate and social events. They felt they were missing the mark using only photos or walking a client through the space to explain the possibilities. This tour gave them the impact they were looking for highlighting the unique advantages their winery provided, the different rooms and space and beautiful surroundings. They were even able to show multiple ways to use the same space.

The Breakers in Palm Beach

The wedding at Breakers Palm Beach in Southern Florida is so breathtakingly…

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…beautiful it called for several 360 Degree Tours. A Bride and Groom who were very accommodating made this task easy. To fully view the tour use the directional cursors to move around each “room” and place the cursor on the red arrow and left click it to move to another “room” or area. There are five separate “rooms” in this tour starting with the striking entrance into the hotel and proceeds inside and even a tour outside. This tour ends in the ballroom where you will find the bride and groom dancing. Not only did the Bride and Groom love this tour, but the Breakers posted the tour on their blog!

Evoke Event Planners

One of Washington, DC’s premiere event planners was planning a Mitzvah…

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…at a new venue. Suburban recommended a 360 Degree Virtual Tour to showcase the transformation of an empty space into a great party space. The event planner liked the idea, but she loved the finished tour! The concept has been an incredibly powerful sales tool and has given both event planners and venues a great edge over their competition in promoting their services and event space.

Sugar Plum Tents

Sugar Plum recently acquired new tents and wanted to get not only the word out…

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…but also visuals showing the versatility and possibilities of these and their most popular tents. Suburban’s producer recommended the 360 Degree Virtual Tour as the best way to do this. Once the tents were erected and the décor was in place Suburban Video created beautiful tours for several tents. Sugar Plum uses these tours as great marketing tools, sending links for the tours to potential clients, showing them to clients and vendors and in their website. They plan to have more tours created in the future.

Museum of Natural History

A client wanted to share the ambiance and decor of their yearly corporate meeting…

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…at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History with their worldwide subsidiaries. Suburban recommended their 360 Degree Virtual Tour shot before the event, edited and sent links immediately after the event. Everyone felt like they were actually in the space and able to “walk” around. Our client, participants and even the Director of Special Events at the museum were extremely impressed with this tour. Gwen Neal, Director of Special Events – National Museum of Natural History wrote: “This is FANTASTIC!! Would it be possible for Natural History to use this piece on its website (special events), and for our Special Events Staff to show to prospective clients on our iPad presentation? Thanks!”